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Alma Mahler Kammerorchester is a newly established ensemble and the public funding we receive is only occasional. We rely mostly on the support of our friends and grants from various private institutions.

Before our very first project in the summer of 2017, we launched a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign that helped us immensely in our beginnings. Every generous donation enabled us to do what we do best – create music at the highest artistic level, surrounded by our best friends and colleagues.

To continue our journey, we need your help! Every type of support, however small, will be greatly appreciated and money from every donation will be put to good use, whether it's paying for musicians' travel expenses, food, accommodation or score rental. 

Alma Mahler Kammerorchester, Denmark

Considering the fact that the musicians of Alma Mahler Kammerorchester come from and live in different European countries, the only possibility we have to rehearse is in the form of a residency.

We are permanently in search of new and exciting residency possibilities, that would suit our needs and are also looking for long term sponsoring from firms or companies.

· Are you a manager of a music festival or venue and has our initiative piqued your interest?

· Do you think your company would be interested in helping us?


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Account holder:
Alma Mahler Kammerorchester
91 Rue La Fayette
75009 Paris




Schulders, Franck

Accornero, Giovanni
Adámek, Martin
Alibaud, Dorran
Arnoaldi Veli, Federico Berti
B.B., Joan
Berger, Johannes
Bertolo, Francesca
Bocchio, Ivan
Bruun, Asbjørn Ibsen
Capelli, Andrea
Chabrier, Mickey
Chabrier, Myriam
Chanut, Agnès
Cherrier, Sophie
Chersicla, Fabio
Chersicla, Tiziana
Colafigli, Paola
Czieharz, Markus
Daněk, Martin
Daněk, Petr
de Jong, Marie-Louise
Diaz, Clemence
Djikolum, Armand

Dudine, Stefano
Fegran, Espen
Fegran, Simen
Finzi, Marisa
Finzi, Marta
Genthialon, Laure
Giorgi, Tatiana
Golob, Andraz
Haller, Nirina
Ibsen, Helle
Jamar, Alexandre
Joffre, Louise Marie
Joffre, Violette
Kieffer, Francois
Kuder, Matic
Lachaize, Henri
Lachaize, Marie
Lafarga, Yoli
Lauridon, Jannick
Lauridon, Mathilde
Magrane, Joan
Markovic, Todor
Marquardt, Luisa
Marqués, Héctor
Marqués, Isabel

Marqués, Salvador
McFall, Leo
Montalva, Vincent Soler
Mut, Salvador Ribes
Nichetti, Camilla
Olech, Joséphine
Olech, Laurence
Ophèle, Emmanuelle
Parmigiani, Elena
Parmigiani, Emma
Parmigiani, Massimo
Pellicer, Bernardo Perez
Pérez, Ignacio Soler
Perez, Patricio Soler
Pires, Sergio
Roberts, Amy
Salmona, Marianne
Sandri, Roberta
Scodellaro, Enzo
Sellés, Ignasi Roca
Senardi, Fulvio
Stein, Caroline
Torcello, Gioia
Urquiza, Mikel
Zozaya, Amparo Pellicer