Mathilde Lauridon

Mathilde Lauridon

Orchestre de Paris Orchestra Academy

Substitute violin with the Orchestre National de Lille

Guest violin with the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife

Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester

Mahler Academy


What is the best thing about playing the violin?

What I like about the violin is its duality. On one hand it is a "noble" instrument and on the other a popular one. Some composers have also emphasised this popular character of the violin... "Tzigane" by Ravel, for example, is one of my favorite pieces. 

If you could ask any composer one question, who would you pick and what would you ask him/her?

“Dear Johann Sebastian Bach, could you be reborn and take the place of my former composition teachers, please?”

What is your guilty pleasure that you only listen to in secret?

“Danny boy” by Keith Jarrett.   

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I would like to have the power to fly...  I could travel the world without the need of a plane, a train, or a boat. There are still so many places I'd like to explore on Earth and in space... 

What has been your best AMK moment so far?

It was just before our final concert in Villa Manin [2017]. I was with Joséphine [Olech] and we had so many things to think about and were a bit stressed from organizing everything… When we finally joined the other musicians just before the beginning of the concert, they all came to hug us and wish us good luck. This moment was really magical for me…

Describe AMK in three words.

Beauty of European diversity.