Ignacio Soler Perez

Ignacio Soler Perez

Temporary contract with the Orchestra de Valencia

Trial for co-principal bassoon with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Guest principal bassoon of the Deutsches Radio Philharmonie Saarbrucken Kaiserslautern

Guest bassoon with the Orchestre de Paris


What is the best thing about playing the bassoon?

I think the best thing about playing the bassoon is the sound. I don't think I'm wrong by saying that it is a sound that most of the other musicians like a lot. It is extremely dark in the very low register but it can be singing in the middle and high registers (which a lot of people might not know). The bassoon doesn't only sound funny!

If you could ask any composer one question, who would you pick and what would you ask him/her?

The composer I admire the most in musical history is Beethoven. I think it was Stravinsky who once said that Beethoven was the only composer who never composed a single melody. That sentence has been in my mind since I heard it, because even if Beethoven's music is some of the most powerful ever written, I think Stravinsky was quite accurate. I think I would ask Beethoven what he thinks about Stravinsky's comment.

What is your guilty pleasure that you only listen to in secret?

I love listening to most different styles of music. Maybe the most different to classical music is Spanish rap, which I used to listen to a lot when I was younger, and I still do now from time to time.

If you had a super power, what would it be?
To make perfect reeds 100% of the time!!! What a joy that would be...

What has been your best AMK moment so far?

I enjoyed the process we went through to create a special Mahler 1st Symphony a lot. I loved it all, the wrong ideas, the right ideas... In general, I liked how we were making the symphony grow inside ourselves, together.

Describe AMK in three words.
Love them all.